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Visit from Ganesha | Sherab (Shey) Khandro

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Limited Edition Giclee

Hand-Embellished Limited Edition Giclee

H 36" x W 12"


'*Hand Embellished Prints Available: *30" x 10"=$930 *36" x 12"=$1100 *60" x 20"=$1950 ~Non-Embellished Prints: ~30" x 10"=$695 ~36" x 12"=$795 ~60"x 20"=$1600 Who is Ganesha? Why is he here and why is he so popular today? Lord Ganesha, also known as Ganesh, Ganapati or Vinayaka in Tibetan, is a key figure throughout all Hindu traditions. His image is colorful and ornate. He may even be seen as flamboyant. Stories of Ganesha proclaim he is the Lord of Success, knowledge, wealth and wisdom, a destroyer of obstacles. He brings good fortune and miracles. How do we understand these images as a source of these welcome blessings in our world today?

Associated with the energy of the root chakra, Ganesha has a profound connection to Mother Earth. Through this, he expresses the importance of being grounded. Rooting ourselves firmly in the fundamental human values of Loving Kindness, Compassion and Joy. Ganesha reminds us, in this space, we can taste the real sweetness of life.

Standing firmly in his Dharma (the spiritual teachings of ethics and responsibility) Ganesha expresses his conviction that true happiness comes from within. As we calm our minds, as we recognize our own inherent goodness, we access the peace and love arising naturally as the expression of who we truly are. He invites us to live into our highest qualities as a path to peace, peace in our hearts, peace in our world.

We are hungry for these ideals in our world today. In our highly distracted lifestyle we benefit from practices and reminders that bring us into the present moment. Art in all it’s forms has this potential, the artwork from these sacred traditions is here specifically for this purpose.

In the traditions where these divine expressions originate, their creation is understood as a spiritual event, an invitation for a living presence to take form in our world. The image created becomes an energetic portal, telling it’s story and holding a space intended to connect us to our own deeper values and intentions for this life. Looking into the layers of symbolism, the history and story we can see these sacred images are intended to remind us of our opportunity to embrace our higher spiritual qualities for the benefit of all.

Even if we do not feel a connection to Eastern philosophical practices, if we take a moment to seek understanding, we will likely find the symbolism and the values consistently modeled by these “deities,” remind us of fundamental spiritual ideals found within our own beliefs.

Whether this image feels familiar or unfamiliar, I invite you to take a moment, let it touch you. What about this image has captured your attention? How does it feel? Where do you feel it? What do you see? Are you drawn to a particular color? How does the experience differ when you are up close or when your step back a bit? Created with the primary intention to bring benefit to all beings Ganesha naturally confers his blessings. Do you sense a presence? The grounded, mystical energetic of Ganesha perhaps? Namaste
-Sherab Khandro"

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