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Wheel Of Compassion | Sherab (Shey) Khandro

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Bronze Limited Edition


'Inspired by the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheel, the Wheel Of Compassion speaks to the potential for peace and loving kindness to prevail in the world. This Wheel is cast as a limited edition bronze sculpture using the time-tested 'lost wax' process. Inside the center of each Wheel, a sacred scroll is housed. Wrapped around that sacred scroll are over a billion prayers and aspirations for a more compassionate world. This Wheel Of Compassion is a unique combination of an ancient, sacred tradition and modern technology. The Mani Mantras, or prayers, are printed on microfilm and carefully wound around the central shaft called the "Tree Of Life". According to tradition, the more mantras wound inside a Prayer Wheel, the more beneficial it becomes. ****This Wheel has been created for indoor and/or outdoor placement- a stunning addition for one's home, place of business, garden or park setting. It is available for a tabletop or, may be secured atop a steel base/pedestal. (Please see images provided herein). Dimensions for the Wheel without a base/stand: H 27" x W 13" x D 13"."

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