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Star York

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Autumn Harvest by Star York
Autumn Harvest
Bathing Beauty by Star York
Bathing Beauty
Bear Vessel by Star York
Bear Vessel
Big Score by Star York
Big Score
Blue Bird Vessel by Star York
Blue Bird Vessel
Bronco Belle by Star York
Bronco Belle
Busted by Star York
Cat Call ** by Star York
Cat Call **
Cowgirls by Star York
Coyote III by Star York
Coyote III
Coyote Pup lying by Star York
Coyote Pup lying
Coyote Pup SD by Star York
Coyote Pup SD
Earrings Horse Dangles SY28B by Star York
Earrings Horse Dangles SY28B
Eclipse by Star York
Eclipse Sketch by Star York
Eclipse Sketch
Fabric of Life Spring by Star York
Fabric of Life Spring
Fabric of Life Summer Spinning by Star York
Fabric of Life Summer Spinning
Feast Day by Star York
Feast Day
Guard Duty by Star York
Guard Duty
Honey Bear by Star York
Honey Bear
Horse Whispers by Star York
Horse Whispers
Lion Heart by Star York
Lion Heart
Missing Lynx by Star York
Missing Lynx
Mr. Big Stuff by Star York
Mr. Big Stuff
Numero Uno by Star York
Numero Uno
One and Half Horse Power by Star York
One and Half Horse Power
Palaver by Star York
Pebbles Vessel by Star York
Pebbles Vessel
Prairie Rose Bust by Star York
Prairie Rose Bust
Santa Fairie by Star York
Santa Fairie
Shared Alliance  (Wall) by Star York
Shared Alliance (Wall)
Stepping Out by Star York
Stepping Out
Sugar and Spice by Star York
Sugar and Spice
The Joke Guffaw by Star York
The Joke Guffaw
The Joke Jokster by Star York
The Joke Jokster
Tribal Hoof Beats by Star York
Tribal Hoof Beats

artists BIO

Star York

Star Liana York grew up in Maryland, daughter of a professional ballerina and a talented woodworker. Always displaying a strong affinity for animals as a child, Star Liana York purchased her first horse as a teenager and began competing in speed events and rodeos. York operated a horse boarding and training business through college (graduating from the University of Maryland in Studio Art) but always dreamed of coming out West. This dream was realized 20 years ago.

Only two years after arriving in the Southwest, Star Liana York was gaining recognition at art competitions enough for South West Art Magazine to do an article on her work. Her sculpture has been on the cover of many magazines including Southwest Art & Art Talk. Star Liana York was chosen as one of the 30 most influential artists in Southwest Art’s 30 years’ issue. Several museums have her sculpture in their collections, and in 1999 she was given a one-woman show at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Star Liana York resides with her husband, Jeff Brock on their horse ranch. Their shared passions are raising quarter horses and creating art. Star Liana York feels that working with the horses and sculpting make for the right balance in her life, both disciplines require a creative approach, sensitivity and patience to be successful. Star Liana York strives to remain open to many unique aspects the region has to offer. “The Southwest is blessed with such rich cultural, aesthetic, and spiritual complexities that inspiration is always at hand. The colorful heritage of the Native American people and the ranching communities present timeless themes and subjects. My goal is to capture in bronze the universal humanity reflected in the gesture of a caring shepherd girl, the sleepy grin of a bobcat or the playfulness of a pregnant mare. These subtleties of character, personality, and expression are the most challenging and most rewarding part of my art.”