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Reagan Word

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Colorado by Reagan Word
Desert View by Reagan Word
Desert View
Fall Impressions by Reagan Word
Fall Impressions
In the Flow by Reagan Word
In the Flow
Indian Blanket by Reagan Word
Indian Blanket
Iris by Reagan Word
News, Weather, & Sports by Reagan Word
News, Weather, & Sports
Wapatki by Reagan Word
White Roses by Reagan Word
White Roses

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Reagan Word

From the first thrill of receiving a blue ribbon in the second grade for my crayon painting of a dinosaur, it was the artist’s life for me. Nothing has been able to distract or derail my creative intentions for long. I was born to build and create.

My background in architecture has given me a foundation on which to expand my creativity first into painting in dry brush watercolor and later in bronze and ceramic sculpture.

For the last 19 years I have created architectural renderings for firms across the country to help them see their ideas illustrated before they became a reality. This experience has given me a great way to push the limits to my own creativity. Rendering my ideas before they exist is a great way to peek into the future of my imagination. That ability plus a recent retirement has given me an opportunity to return to sculpting with a new fearlessness.

Being awarded the contract for the Sedona Arizona Roundabout Art Competition at Schnebly Hill Road with my entry, The Open Gate has also opened new doors to doing what I love.

My calling is to make visible ideas that inspire and motivate others to look at the beauty of not only this creation but venture beyond and imagine what is yet to be.