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Lynette Jennings

After the Rain by Lynette Jennings
After the Rain
Canyon Gold by Lynette Jennings
Canyon Gold
Denial by Lynette Jennings
Eagles Claw Ridge by Lynette Jennings
Eagles Claw Ridge
Forever by Lynette Jennings
Phoenix Ridge by Lynette Jennings
Phoenix Ridge
Portal by Lynette Jennings
Promise by Lynette Jennings
Surprise Canyon by Lynette Jennings
Surprise Canyon

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Lynette Jennings

Lynette Jennings (b. 1948), an artistic and professional career of 38 years, is known in 37 countries for her 18 year series on The Discovery Channel, “Lynette Jennings Design”, in which Lynette taught architecture, design and an appreciation of the fine arts to over 80 million households twice daily; and as well, her regular appearances on “The Today Show”, “Regis and Kathy Lee”, “Good Morning America” and “CBC Newsworld” Canada.

Jennings began her arts curriculum early in high school, majoring in fine art and music at Sacred Heart Academy, Springfield, Illinois. Receiving a full scholarship, she studied performing arts at Fontbonne College, DePaul University and then on to the University of Michigan where she transferred into Architecture and anthropology. At the age of 24 Jennings started her architectural firm and with her partner, grew a two man office to a staff of 23 under the name of Marketecture. It was from the international success of her firm that she was invited to participate in the media. A weekly live radio show, the editorship of a national magazine, regular newspaper columns, videos and web streaming, gave Jennings the opportunity to teach the North American mass market about architecture, design and art.