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Liz Wolf

A Mother's Fetish by Liz Wolf
A Mother's Fetish
Ancient Provider by Liz Wolf
Ancient Provider
Brave One by Liz Wolf
Brave One
Burden Basket by Liz Wolf
Burden Basket
Come Sit By Me by Liz Wolf
Come Sit By Me
Day Dreamer by Liz Wolf
Day Dreamer
Dreamer's Journey by Liz Wolf
Dreamer's Journey
Dreams in Flight Monumental by Liz Wolf
Dreams in Flight Monumental
Dreamtime by Liz Wolf
Dreamtime Lifesize by Liz Wolf
Dreamtime Lifesize
Dreamtime Medium by Liz Wolf
Dreamtime Medium
Feed the Good Wolf by Liz Wolf
Feed the Good Wolf
Gentle Rein by Liz Wolf
Gentle Rein
Giving and Receiving by Liz Wolf
Giving and Receiving
Healing Touch by Liz Wolf
Healing Touch
Horse Fetish by Liz Wolf
Horse Fetish
Horse Medicine by Liz Wolf
Horse Medicine
In Sight by Liz Wolf
In Sight
In The Moment by Liz Wolf
In The Moment
Listening by Liz Wolf
Mother Earth by Liz Wolf
Mother Earth
Mountain Dweller by Liz Wolf
Mountain Dweller
Nesting by Liz Wolf
Perched by Liz Wolf
Play Is Good Medicine by Liz Wolf
Play Is Good Medicine
Raven's Reflection by Liz Wolf
Raven's Reflection
Ravens Journey by Liz Wolf
Ravens Journey
Resting Spot by Liz Wolf
Resting Spot
River Walker I by Liz Wolf
River Walker I
River Walker II by Liz Wolf
River Walker II
River Walker III by Liz Wolf
River Walker III
Sea Shell Fetish by Liz Wolf
Sea Shell Fetish
Sowing Her Oats by Liz Wolf
Sowing Her Oats
Spirit Journey by Liz Wolf
Spirit Journey
Spring Dance by Liz Wolf
Spring Dance
Standing Watch Monumental by Liz Wolf
Standing Watch Monumental
Summer by Liz Wolf
The Gift by Liz Wolf
The Gift
The Offering by Liz Wolf
The Offering
Then the Rain Came by Liz Wolf
Then the Rain Came
Three Sisters by Liz Wolf
Three Sisters
Trickster 2 by Liz Wolf
Trickster 2
Twin Dreamers by Liz Wolf
Twin Dreamers
Untethered by Liz Wolf
Vaquero by Liz Wolf
When Paths Cross by Liz Wolf
When Paths Cross
Wrapped in Thought by Liz Wolf
Wrapped in Thought

artists BIO

Liz Wolf

I’ve been enriched with a loving family and a mother who bought art from all over the world into my everyday life. Looking back at my childhood, I know that creative energies have always been with me.

I received my BFA and MFA in Sculpture in Chicago. The whole creative process is a mystery to me. Creative energies are always around me, some more obvious than others.

I am always aware of my surroundings and I feel that I channel life into images through my artwork. The connection can be made through a visual experience, a voice, a word, listening to music, an inner feeling, my imagination or my soul. It’s amazing how and why these images appear and take precedence. If only to capture my feelings and thoughts in a sculpture, that to me is the essence of being an artist.

I continue to work with a wide range of materials, including clay, mixed media and bronze.