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James Muir

6 Core Values (Texas A&M Original 6 Core Value Concept) by James Muir
6 Core Values (Texas A&M Original 6 Core Value Concept)
Athena's Prayer - Lifesize by James Muir
Athena's Prayer - Lifesize
Athena's Prayer Maquette by James Muir
Athena's Prayer Maquette
Bookends of Justice Set by James Muir
Bookends of Justice Set
Broken Arrows by James Muir
Broken Arrows
Caduceus (monumental) by James Muir
Caduceus (monumental)
Caduceus Study by James Muir
Caduceus Study
Call of the Canyon (Maquette) by James Muir
Call of the Canyon (Maquette)
Children (maquette) by James Muir
Children (maquette)
Christ of the Holy Cross by James Muir
Christ of the Holy Cross
Eden's Gate by James Muir
Eden's Gate
Eternal by James Muir
Heart of the West (study) by James Muir
Heart of the West (study)
Let Freedom Ring (lifesize) by James Muir
Let Freedom Ring (lifesize)
Let Freedom Ring- Maquette by James Muir
Let Freedom Ring- Maquette
Let Freedom Ring-Study by James Muir
Let Freedom Ring-Study
Lil' Liberty (lifesize) by James Muir
Lil' Liberty (lifesize)
Man in the Maze by James Muir
Man in the Maze
Newsie by James Muir
Shadow Wolf by James Muir
Shadow Wolf
The American Pieta -Maquette by James Muir
The American Pieta -Maquette
The Begats by James Muir
The Begats
The Dance (Lifesize) by James Muir
The Dance (Lifesize)
The Gift by James Muir
The Gift
The Holy Grail (maquette) by James Muir
The Holy Grail (maquette)
The Holy Grail (maquette)-24K Gold Plated by James Muir
The Holy Grail (maquette)-24K Gold Plated
The Holy Grail (study)- Bronze by James Muir
The Holy Grail (study)- Bronze
The Holy Grail (study)- Stainless Steel by James Muir
The Holy Grail (study)- Stainless Steel
The Holy Grail- Lifesize by James Muir
The Holy Grail- Lifesize
The Invitation by James Muir
The Invitation
The Judge Vignette by James Muir
The Judge Vignette
The Last Horseman by James Muir
The Last Horseman
The Last Horseman Monumental by James Muir
The Last Horseman Monumental
The Lighted Lantern (lifesize) by James Muir
The Lighted Lantern (lifesize)
The Lighted Lantern (maquette) by James Muir
The Lighted Lantern (maquette)
The Patriot by James Muir
The Patriot
Thomas Jefferson by James Muir
Thomas Jefferson
Traditions (Texas A&M Original 6 Core Value Concept) by James Muir
Traditions (Texas A&M Original 6 Core Value Concept)
Trinity by James Muir
Unity by James Muir
Visions of Flight by James Muir
Visions of Flight
Visions of the White Man's Road by James Muir
Visions of the White Man's Road
Walk With Me Monumental by James Muir
Walk With Me Monumental

artists BIO

James Muir

James N. Muir was born in Indianapolis, Indiana 1945. He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point for one and a half years and completed his B.S. Degree at Indiana University in 1970, while also having served six years in both the U.S. Army and Air Force. His professional art career as a sculptor began in Sedona, Arizona 1980 where he has continued to be a full-time professional artist for over three decades. He owned his own bronze casting foundry, Seraph M Fine Art Bronze, from 1982 to 1988 in Sedona, Arizona. He has completed over 100 sculptures to date, with over 60 lifesize and monumental sculptures placed in public locations across the country and abroad.

Allegorical Art is a term Muir uses to describe his art as being filled with symbolic meaning. Bridging the centuries from his historical military subjects to today’s social, political and spiritual commentary, his sculptures speak eloquently of Duty, Honor, Courage, and Justice, but above all, of Truth and the ultimate triumph of the Human Spirit. He has built upon the recognition gained initially as an historical military sculptor to create an ever-expanding array of artistic commentary exemplifying the highest qualities of man.

Muir's early interest in history and the military was reinforced by his experiences as a West Point cadet and to which he also attributes the cementing of his personal “Code of Honor.” Muir’s ever-deeper involvement with horses, and his continuing quest for spiritual Truth, led him to Arizona in 1979 for the freedom and inspiration of the great American West. He ultimately settled in Sedona, Arizona and there embarked on a full-time career in sculpting, initially specializing in historical subjects. In 1990 he began to expand his work to include contemporary subjects and accepting commissions in lifesize and monumental.

His meticulous attention to detail, coupled with an insightful grasp of the human experience resulted in exquisitely crafted and poignant bronzes. He quickly gained the acclaim of collectors around the country. Some of the public collections Muir’s work resides include: West Point Military Academy in New York, U.S. Cavalry Museum at Fort Riley, Booth Museum in Georgia, Birkenau Museum at Auschwitz, St. Louis University, Gettysburg Battlefield Museum, Pearce Western Art Museum, Sons of The American Revolution Headquarters, University of Arizona, NRA Headquarters, Palmerton Borough Park, Atlanta Historical Society, Paul Harvey News Broadcasting Headquarters, George W. Bush Presidential Library/Museum, Scottsdale Healthcare Hospitals, and some of the most prominent private collections in America.

One long term goal realized, was Muir’s first book, “Lanterns Along The Path”, published in 2004 with a second printing in 2005. The book was chosen to be offered nationwide by Barnes & Noble. A labor of love, Muir spent nearly seven years writing the book that showcases many of his sculptures with a flowing narrative which addresses the spirit of the human journey. The book was recognized as its own work of art: Muir received the “2004 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award” in the Inspirational Category.

Another goal also achieved in 2005 was the founding of “The Human Liberty ARTT Foundation”, (ARTT-Artistic Responsibility To Truth), whose mission is To proclaim and promote Human Liberty through the Arts and Education, place sculptures and monuments to Courage, Hope, and Freedom around the world, publish related books, present an annual art scholarship, and a “Human Liberty Award”.

Recent commissions include the 25 foot high monument for Texas A&M University, symbolizing their 6 Core Values, and Christ of the Holy Cross to be installed at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona Spring 2018. Currently James has over 110 publicly installed sculptures across the United States.

In keeping with his deep spiritual convictions and social consciousness, Muir’s sculptural and philanthropic works reflect the critical nature of the times in which we live. Whether historical or contemporary, “The golden thread that ties it all together is still his never-ending quest for the essence of life - for Truth in its purest form.”