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Frank Marquette

"Flaming Past" Bench by Frank Marquette
"Flaming Past" Bench
Dichroic Glass Inlayed-Table by Frank Marquette
Dichroic Glass Inlayed-Table
Dragonfly Totem Chair by Frank Marquette
Dragonfly Totem Chair
Faux Bois "Juniper Legacy" Set by Frank Marquette
Faux Bois "Juniper Legacy" Set
Faux Bois Table & Chair Set by Frank Marquette
Faux Bois Table & Chair Set
Foyer Side Table by Frank Marquette
Foyer Side Table

artists BIO

Frank Marquette

For the past 25 years I've been a commercial artist and industrial designer creating environments and sculpture for a long list of clients both private and corporate. Starting off on the American West Coast constructing water features I eventually found myself in New Zealand operating our creative construction company building movie sets for The Lord of the Rings and consulting Walt Disney Imagineering about new theme park attractions. The artistic and design disciplines I've embraced over these years have focused mainly on environmental simulation. Always striving to create an atmosphere that supported a story or a special setting has been my life's challenge and reward.

With an appreciation of the integration of opposites, or at least a blending of concepts that may appear at first to be unexpectedly complimentary, I look for a dramatic clash of ideas and elements that give birth to extra-ordinary transformations. When it works, these treatments demonstrate an underlying fit that lies hidden behind the seemingly incongruent complexity.

As an artist I reflect back and witness how my creations over the years have been an evolving expression of my connection to Life. I feel a growing awareness with the ever expanding range of experiences life has presented and try to integrate these into the next creation, the next moment.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you see something that moves you.