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Dale Reiger

House With Blue Corners by Dale Reiger
House With Blue Corners
Iridized Sky House by Dale Reiger
Iridized Sky House
Layered-Glass Side Table by Dale Reiger
Layered-Glass Side Table
Sedona Glass Bird House by Dale Reiger
Sedona Glass Bird House

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Dale Reiger

Dale Reiger painted abstract paintings for fifteen years before he discovered glasswork. That changed the equation. Glass became the center of Dale’s artistic focus from that point forward. It had the perfect combination of hands on technique and artistic design, form and vision. This, and the pure allure of glass as a material, captivated him.

Most of Dale's kiln formed glass is cast. He has seven kilns. The biggest three, capable of making a piece of glass up to 6’6” long, were custom built and allow him to create large and varied projects simultaneously. All of Dale’s cast glass is multi layered, fired up to four times, requiring up to two weeks in the kiln. The careful addition of multiple layers infuses the glass with more depth and mystique and allows images to float. His multi colored glass houses and other sculptural structures are thick cast plates of glass over a steel superstructure. These sculptures, some over 8' tall, are for indoor or outdoor use. Dale is also making large public art sculptural pieces. He is designing an entire glass house that can be entered, allowing the viewer to be enveloped in sensation.

Dale describes his style as both primitive and elegant. He uses elementary shapes which translate into symbols. These symbols help to create a highly personalized iconography drawing on Dale's artistic, spiritual and international background. Dale uses color, including iridized and dichromatic glass, as a language. Each color has its own code and texture. He is engaged in a dialogue of the harmony and dissonance of color. The bright luminosity of glass is often contrasted by dark transparent colors, which allows the light to penetrate, but not to reveal. Dale is, also, experimenting with that bright luminosity in different sculptural shapes and sizes, watching the light play from one side to the other in a various sculptural forms.