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Bonnie Sedan

Blue Moon Turquoise Ring by Bonnie Sedan
Blue Moon Turquoise Ring
Red River Turquoise Ring by Bonnie Sedan
Red River Turquoise Ring
Royston Nevada Turquoise Ring by Bonnie Sedan
Royston Nevada Turquoise Ring
Southwest Style Ring by Bonnie Sedan
Southwest Style Ring
Turquoise Mountain Stacking ring by Bonnie Sedan
Turquoise Mountain Stacking ring

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Bonnie Sedan

Bonnie Sedan is a self-taught Silversmith residing in Sedona, Arizona. Crafting each piece of jewelry and functional art by hand, most all of Sedan's work is inclusive of American Turquoise, hand-selected by her, direct from the mines. Working with only solid sterling silver and solid fine silver, Sedan prides herself on creating lasting adornments to be worn and passed down through the years.


Bonnie graduated with both an International Business and Studio Art degree from Cornell College. When not in her silversmithing studio, Sedan enjoys gardening, traveling and hiking with her spouse and dog.