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Betty Hum

Ann- A Leg Up on the Aloe by Betty Hum
Ann- A Leg Up on the Aloe
Anna at a Fairy Duster by Betty Hum
Anna at a Fairy Duster
Anna Deciding by Betty Hum
Anna Deciding
Anna Hummer by Betty Hum
Anna Hummer
Blue Dragon Fly by Betty Hum
Blue Dragon Fly
Cactus Wren by Betty Hum
Cactus Wren
Costa Did I Do That? by Betty Hum
Costa Did I Do That?
Costa Hummingbird Morning Feeder by Betty Hum
Costa Hummingbird Morning Feeder
Harris Hawk Juvenile by Betty Hum
Harris Hawk Juvenile
Hummer Enjoying Fairy Duster by Betty Hum
Hummer Enjoying Fairy Duster
Male Kestrel in Flight by Betty Hum
Male Kestrel in Flight
Mexican Bird of Paradise by Betty Hum
Mexican Bird of Paradise
Purple Cornet Enjoying the Afternoon by Betty Hum
Purple Cornet Enjoying the Afternoon

artists BIO

Betty Hum

Betty Hum has always been fascinated with the impact of light and movement.  In between practicing law, Betty took photography classes and workshops around the world to enable her to capture the feelings and motions of dance, birds, as well as other wildlife.   She has spent considerable time observing birds to understand their movements and to let them lose their fear of the sound of the camera shutter.   Spending hours waiting and watching lets her focus on special moments of her subject.  


Her extensive travels to Asia and Europe led her to become more serious about making photography a creative endeavor, not dependent on practicing law. In 2016, she took the step towards making photography a reality.   She has been photographing educational and community events for the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, including artist residencies and master classes, arts enrichment events for educators, students, and seniors, hands on workshops, museum and other special events.   In addition, she has provided photography for other non-profits.