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Your Own Calligraphic Portrait Commission by Alok
Your Own Calligraphic Portrait Commission

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Alok is a highly original Zen calligraphic painter from China. With academic degrees from American universities in mathematics, Christian theology, sociology and psychology of religion, he has taught sociology of religion and psychology of transcendence. He journeyed twenty times to India and created a personal as well as a professional working synthesis of Eastern meditation practices with Western psychotherapies. In China Alok translated and published twenty books on meditation. In 1998, when the Chinese authorities closed down his work, he decided to go into the world and paint!

Around the world Alok is celebrated for his singular work of creating Zen Calligraphic Portraits together with exploration sessions that heal the heart, restore harmony and peace, inspire creativity, and awaken the best in the human spirit. He says simply, ‘I help people to come home to themselves.’

Alok has exhibited worldwide: the venues have included the National Ethnographic Museum in Sweden, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, the Great Hall of Exhibition in Shanghai, and presently at the Goldenstein Gallery in Sedona, Arizona. He also teaches a workshop on “The Creativity of Non-doing” at the Omega Institute. View a video of the artist at